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05 background and approximator placement

Rat abdominal aorta model background and approximator placement

04.05 Rat Abdominal Aorta Model Background and approximator placement

Background and approximator placement

Here you see the vessel completely dissected, with all collaterals cut. For the following steps the adventitia needs to be well soaked, so if your dissection looks as if it is getting too dry, wet the vessel again.
Place the background material next to the vessel, lift up the vessel and pull the background material under it.
Before applying the approximator, reassure yourself that there is no collateral vessel stump close to the designated cutting line or between the arms of the approximator clamps. Holding the approximator clamp open, position the vessel in the clamp in a slow and controlled movement. Placing the distal approximator clamp on the vessel first and waiting for a minute will lead to an increase inintravascular pressure, causing a first dilation of the vessel. Then the proximal clamp can be applied.