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01 table setup

Rat femoral arteriovenous fistula model table setup

07.01 Rat Femoral Arteriovenous Fistula Model Table setup


The purpose of this model is to learn how to perform an end-to-side anastomosis.
The cut end of the femoral artery is anastomosed to the side of the femoral vein.
The venotomy, arterial vessel end preparation and anastomosis are all extremely delicate maneuvers. Major tasks are performed holding the instruments and needle at various angles, and at times with the non-dominant hand.
The vessel walls of artery and vein each have a different resistance, so knots need to be tied carefully.
Until the first two stitches are placed, the artery is more mobile than in previous models.
All consecutive stitches are placed in a radial, rather than parallel manner.


Table setup and materials

The setup is the same as for the rat femoral artery and vein models. Once again, be careful not to subject the hind limb to excessive stretch.