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07 clamps release

Rat femoral arteriovenous fistula model clamps release

07.07 Rat Femoral Arteriovenous Fistula Model Clamps release

Arteriovenous fistula – clamps release

Inspect your anastomosis for imprecisions. Then release the clamps in the following order: first the proximal clamp on the vein, then the distal clamp on the vein, and after a few minutes, the clamp on the artery. This ensures a gradual increase of pressure and allows fibrin formation to occur at the anastomosis, keeping bleeding to a minimum. If the anastomosis is patent, arterial blood fills the proximal segment of vein and pulsation should be visible.


Final suggestions

If your anastomosis is patent, cover it up with moist gauze and leave it alone for 20 minutes. Then test its patency once more.
You can use the same vessel to repeat the exercise for as often as you can approximate the vessel ends, or you can use the same animal for another exercise on abdominal vessels, contralateral femoral vessels or neck vessels.