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07 open loop suturing

Latex model open loop suturing

02.07 Latex Model Open loop suturing

Open loop suturing

The open loop technique is a fast technique for placing single stitches. It facilitates good visualization of the inside of your anastomosis. This is especially helpful while placing the last stitches in a row.

Place consecutive loops, as in performing a continuous suture. Leave each loop open and similarly large. When you have placed loops all along the suture line, cut each loop at its middle. Tie one single knot after another.


Open loop suturing – pitfalls, tips and tricks

Avoid leaving loops too large, which would use up a lot of suture.
If you make the loops too small, you may not be able to tie a knot with the short suture ends.
If you have made loops too large or too small, pull them to the right length before cutting them.