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01 table setup

Chicken leg model table setup

03.01 Chicken Leg Model Table setup

Use only what you need

For better orientation within this demonstration we use a chicken leg that includes the drumstick. By using the thigh alone, unnecessary waste can be avoided.



The chicken leg model is useful for understanding anastomotic concepts and acquiring fundamentals of tissue handling and performing anastomoses.
The tissues are not viable and, in the absence of blood flow, only a visual estimate of the result is possible. However there is no need to use living animals at this point on the learning curve.
If you have not performed microsurgery in a while, the chicken leg model is a valuable tool for repetition and for achieving the right frame of mind for a microsurgical procedure.

Minimum requirements for efficient learning

Before you start working ask yourself:
Are you calm and concentrated?
Are you sitting correctly?
Is your microscope well adjusted?
Is your table set up correctly?
Are your hands well supported on the table?

Table setup and materials

We will be using macrosurgical instruments, gauze, cotton swabs with and without rods, as well as retractors made from office clamps, pins and rubber bands.
The microsurgical instruments include vascular clamps and approximator, a clamp applying forceps, background material and 9.0 suture, as well as a jar of water with a sponge and a 20 ml syringe with rubber catheter.