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03 microsurgical dissection

Chicken leg model microsurgical dissection

03.03 Chicken Leg Model Microsurgical dissection

Microsurgical dissection

At this point we bring the microscope into play.
One more muscle needs to be dissected and draped aside before the neurovascular bundle with its surrounding fat and connective tissue is exposed.
Retractors are placed from above and below to grant better access.
To free a vessel, the surrounding tissue is simply pulled away from it. Do not detach tissue as this might result in small pieces of it adhering to the suture and
instruments later on. Small spreading movements can also be effective.
In this nonliving model, all collateral vessels can simply be ripped or cut off. If you leave the stumps relatively long you can use them to handle the main vessel atraumatically.
When handling the main vessel directly, make sure to grasp only its adventitia, in order not to harm the vessel wall.
Before proceeding, assure yourself that the underside of the vessel is completely unattached on its entire exposed length.